Our Philosophy

Luxe Store is a luxury lifestyle brand, providing the highest quality beauty products. Established by Sarah 2019, Luxe Store was created to showcase products and brands which fit our vision - that everyday luxuries can be affordable and ethical - we believe that life's little luxuries need not break the bank. We understand that customers want to discover beautiful and unique products - we believe this is possible without the luxury price tag, and have set about choosing products that can be afforded by all. Sarah created Luxie Lashes in 2018, with a passion for using exclusively cruelty free products in all areas of her life, and in response to the lack of synthetic lashes available in a market saturated with mink eyelashes. Starting with only 1 style, this has expanded to 18 different styles attentively selected with every type of customer in mind.
Utilising her experience in branding, she expanded to creating Silkie in 2020, in response to the growing  demand for ethical, luxury haircare products. Silkie was created to make luxury hair products affordable to all, without the usual hefty price tag.
We carefully curate the products we stock, ensuring that brands have the same vision in mind as us. We're always looking for innovative and aesthetic brands with eco-friendly qualities, and believe our customers needn't compromise on style for the sake of sustainability. All of our products are ethical, cruelty free, and environmentally sustainable, which are features crucial to our brand identity.